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Please take the time to read our booking terms below before paying your deposit.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your booking.


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Gary - Bass Dov Skipper - Drummer Tommy - Guitar Ian - Singer Keyboards Sarah Carpenter - Singer

Rocksters Live Band Terms & Conditions

Rocksters Live Band Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking the Rocksters, we want the musical part of your day to be worry free and enjoyable and for you to feel relaxed with the whole process. In order for everything to run smoothly, please see our list of requirements, to ensure you are aware of what is needed when booking a live band.

We will provide a copy of our Terms with the booking contract, please make sure you read this before paying your deposit below. Once your deposit has been paid the band members are confirmed / booked and the deposit non-refundable.


A minimum of 2 separate 13 amp sockets (not one socket with an extension lead on the same phase). A 13 amp socket is just a standard household socket, like the one you plug your kettle into. Our maximum power draw is around 6000 watts for standard gigs. Your power must be safe and tested by a qualified electrician. Please ensure your venue or electrician, if you are having a marquee function, is fully aware of our power requirements.

No part of the performance area can be exposed to the water or the elements – any rain, for example, which falls on the bands electrical equipment can cause fatal electric shocks.


A stage or performance area of around 10ft x 16ft for a 5 piece band. The performance area must be safe, level, stable and not exposed to the elements. Please note that we do not carry staging so you will need to organize this with your venue or marquee company.


Where sound limiters are present at the venue the band need to be notified before booking with the decibel limit.

All due care will be taken by the band to remain below the DB levels set, which may mean having keep the PA levels at a low volume.


Please ensure that there will be parking and good access for band members. Ideally we need to get as close as possible to the playing area for a speedy load in. Please advise us if there is a long walk with the equipment from cars to playing area – in this case we would need to arrange a longer set up time and possibly a roadie to help carry equipment.

Where parking costs and/or congestion charges are incurred the client is asked to pay the cost of these, in advance, unless otherwise agreed.


We ask for a changing area for the band members to use, in order to get ready for the performance. This varies from venue, hotels and manor houses have restroom facilities, which we can utilize, but if in a marquee, please allow the band access to somewhere other than the portable toilet cabins. It is also preferable to have an area where the band can go before and in between the live music and where they can keep their belongings safely and out of the way of guest areas.


Hot meals or buffet provided before the evening band performance please. Free soft drinks / bottled water throughout the course of the performers’ stay at the venue. We ask for a proper meal for the band because very often the musicians are out on the road for 10-12 hours, sometimes longer. They will often leave home at 3 or 4pm to get to the venue to set up, and then usually won’t finish packing up after the event until 1am the following morning before driving home. Performance takes a lot of energy and musicians definitely perform better with some fuel in them!

Please let us know in advance who the band should liaise with on the night re food, so they don’t have to bother you with it.


Please allow approx. one hour for set up time. The band is priced on an arrival time of 6pm. Earlier set ups can be arranged for an additional fee of £20 per hour per musician required to set up early.

The band is used to setting up around people and are very discreet and don’t require loud or lengthy sound checks. We do this every week so we are used to most set up scenarios. Please email or call us if you have any concerns over set up – we will have a solution!


The client agrees to provide appropriate supervision of his/her guests.

Please be aware and ensure that your guests know that no unauthorized person may touch any of the band’s instruments, sound or lighting equipment at any time before, during or after the show.

In those cases where the band has agreed for a guest appearance on stage, or use of equipment for speeches, etc., we ask that you specify who this will be and that it is all organized with the band leader before the night.


As standard practice, should a confirmed booking be cancelled, the following fees will apply:

  • Deposit: Non-refundable.
  • 1-6 months notice: 50% of fee.
  • Less than 1 months notice: 100% of fee.

The reason for our cancellation fee is to safeguard the bands earnings. Bookings are made sometimes years in advance and once a booking has been confirmed, the date is no longer available to other enquiries and therefore any earning potential for that date, is lost.


The Rocksters reserve the right to use substitute musicians and/or singers, in the event of injury or illness to any of the original band members. With years of working with many bands and musicians, we are very fortunate to be able to call on a number of very talented deps, should the need ever arise.

Extreme weather conditions – flooding, extreme snow and ice or gale force winds. In the event of any of these ‘acts of God’ impeding the musicians travel from our base in South East England, we would always endeavour to substitute alternative musicians, more local to the event venue.


The band will always endeavour to learn a first dance or special song request to play live for you. We recommend about 2 weeks notice to learn anything new, so the band can rehearse. Sometimes, if a song is very orchestral, very obscure or has a more complex musical arrangement than a 5 piece band can recreate, we will recommend using the original version from an ipod through the PA, but we can discuss this with you beforehand.

In terms of hand picking all the tunes played by the band live, as well as booking the band for their musical abilities, you are also booking our experience in knowing what will keep the audience happy and the dance floor full. You are welcome to make suggestions or a few "must have" songs or "please don’t play" songs from our song list - but we ask the final play list be left to us. This is because there are many factors involved in determining the order and composition of a good live set, such as key, tempo, style and genre, which we will take into consideration.

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